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Tan Xuguang: Build a first -class global market and technology sharing platform ecology!

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Shandong Heavy Industry · Weichai Power Market Product Technology Matching Meeting was held in Weichai Power Industrial Park. Tan Xuguang gave a keynote speech. Technology and marketing personnel of various ownership and R & D centers around the world attended the meeting.

Create six major business competitiveness towards the world.


1. The first -class vehicle is the core of the Group's strategy of winning global competition.

2. The power system must truly establish the gold industry chain of global integrated design
3. New Energy Breakout is a battle of life and death that must be won
4. New technology should form a subversive leading technology reserve
5. Controlling the core parts of the industrial chain is the only way to ensure strategic security
6. The post -market business is the strategic increase in the most excavated space
Create the competitiveness of the three major platforms with efficient sharing
1. Global collaborative shared research and development platform
2. Safe and controllable shared supply chain platform
3. Shared digital platforms throughout the line

Four changes to market product technology docking will be achieved
1. Drive from the power system to the entire vehicle to drive the whole machine
2. The transformation from domestic guidance thinking to global integration of thinking
3. From paying attention to the current business to strengthening future technology transformation
4. Open and shared transformation from their independent research and development to the platform

Subsequently, 7 overseas experts made technical sharing. 

Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang and technical experts from overseas subsidiaries and R & D centers were discussed and exchanged.

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