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Sino Howo Truck Co., Ltd. will use technological strength

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2024-01-04     PV :

Learn from the past and learn from the present to inspire the future. Looking back on the rise of China National Heavy Duty Truck, technological innovation has always been the main line and has always been the core label of China National Heavy Duty Truck. Since 2018, SINOTRUK has continued to strengthen its independent forward research and development capabilities and continuously increased investment in scientific research. In the past five years, R&D investment has totaled 12.6 billion yuan, which is the total in the previous 15 years; the number of R&D personnel has increased from 1,102 in 2018 to There are 3,936 people, among whom the number of PhDs has increased from 9 to 83 now, and a large number of high-tech equipment and smart factories have been put into use. The huge investment in human, material and financial resources has provided a solid foundation for China National Heavy Duty Truck to achieve technological leadership and become world-class. It has also allowed China National Heavy Duty Truck to usher in a burst of scientific and technological achievements in green technology, smart technology, efficient technology and other directions.

In the past five years, China National Heavy Duty Truck has launched the world's first heavy-duty truck product equipped with Weichai's diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 52.28% and a gas engine with a thermal efficiency of 54.16%. Through the integration and coordination of the group, it has created an original stepless S power chain with a comprehensive transmission efficiency of up to 93%. The system Fuel and gas savings are as high as 15.5%; the industry’s only dual-speed electric drive axle has been developed and applied to many new energy commercial vehicles; the industry’s digital “lighthouse factory” has been built, a world-class commercial vehicle production base, empowering green and intelligent manufacturing ; SINOTRUK’s unmanned electric truck has achieved the world’s first complete ship operation; it has released the country’s first commercial hydrogen internal combustion engine heavy truck, a new generation of Yellow River heavy truck, realizing the commercialization of hydrogen internal combustion engine heavy trucks; independently developed my country’s first fully equipped The Huanghe Hydrogen Fuel Cell Intelligent Snow Wax Truck with independent intellectual property rights has fully served the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics; the Huanghe X7 successfully challenged the Guinness World Record for "the farthest distance a semi-trailer truck can travel on a single refueling" and achieved an ultimate wind resistance of 0.349 Coefficient, certified or declared by the world's four major authoritative organizations as the lowest drag coefficient for mass-produced heavy trucks in the world...

Driven by innovation, we can go a long way. China National Heavy Duty Truck has always been thinking about it, and constantly embeds technological innovation in the depth of the company's development strength. From the continued leadership in heavy truck sales, it can be seen that technological strength has always been the magic weapon for China National Heavy Duty Truck.

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