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Tan Xuguang:Sinotruk and ZF carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in all fields

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2024-04-28     PV :

In the afternoon of 23rd April, Peter Lehr, member of the board of directors of ZF Group and head of Commercial Vehicle Solutions Division, visited Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Tan Xuguang attended the seminar, and the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges in the field of new technology such as AMT, new energy electric drive axle, high-end boat power, intelligent driving, etc., and reached an all-round strategic cooperation intention.

Tan Xuguang said

ZF is the largest strategic supplier of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Sinotruk), and we are very glad that the old friend of ZF came to visit us in Shandong. Last year, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (Sinotruk) continued to keep the first place in China's heavy truck sales, and Weichai's high-end boat power has grown rapidly. We are very willing to work with ZF to cultivate strategic increment, to deal with global competition, and to move towards world-class.

Peter Lyle said

China National Heavy Duty Truck (Sinotruk) Jinan Laiwu Green Digital Smart Manufacturing Base, which has set a new benchmark in the global commercial vehicle industry, has left a very deep impression on me. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement last year, the cooperation between the two sides has reached new heights. We will set up a special working team to deepen multi-disciplinary strategic co-operation with Shandong Heavy Industry, collaborate on research and development of advanced technologies, and jointly meet the challenges of new markets, new energy sources and new technologies.

Before the meeting, Peter Lyle and his team visited the Laiwu showroom of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Sinotruk) and the Intelligent Internet Connected (New Energy) Heavy Truck Factory.


Relevant leaders of ZF, CSCA and Weichai Power attended the seminar.

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