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The "China  Sinotruk Open Day" was successfully held, and the open Heavy Duty Truck welcomes you!

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On May 1, on the day of May 1 International Labor Day, China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) held "CNHTC Open Day", inviting employees and their families to enter CNHTC to experience the new changes in the reform and development of the enterprise, so that the employees can enhance the pride of their career, and their families can feel the care of the enterprise. The event allowed employees to enhance their pride in their careers and their families to feel the care of the company. Tan Xuguang, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, participated in the activity and exchanged views with representatives of model workers, young employees and their families.

At the activity site, Tan Xuguang expressed his gratitude to the families of SINOTRUK employees for their long-term support to SINOTRUK's work, and sent them his best wishes for the holiday. In the future painting and recreation area, Tan Xuguang painted and played games with the children. In the activity venues of the park, Tan Xuguang shook hands with the advanced labor models and the family members of the employees, inquired about their work and life conditions, and encouraged them to make persistent efforts to create more brilliant achievements.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC) can achieve today's results without the dedication and support of every employee's family. Reorganization and reform for more than five years, China National Heavy Duty Truck has achieved great development, heavy truck market share for two consecutive years ranked first in the domestic enterprises in the same industry, heavy truck exports continuously refreshed the company's own record, which is every China National Heavy Duty Truck employees with hard work to water the fruit, but also every China National Heavy Duty Truck employees family members behind the back of the silent support, the results of the silent payment, China National Heavy Duty Truck has made every point of the achievements, all have half the staff's family members. Every achievement made by Sinotruck has half of the staff's family members.

At the activity site, the reporter saw that the original wide China National Heavy Duty Truck Park turned into a sea of joy. In the Heavy Duty Vehicle Museum, the families were shocked by the heavy history of China National Heavy Duty Vehicle. In the garden-like park, 52 exhibition boards told about the ups and downs of China National Heavy Duty Vehicle and the glorious road of reform, innovation and development, and the competitive games of "Roll Forward", "Planting the Future", "Planting Green Plants", "Planting the Future", "Planting the Future", "Planting the Future" and "Planting the Future". A series of interactive activities such as "Rolling Forward" competitive games, "Planting the Future Together", "Vitality in Bloom" flash dance, "Gourmet Filling Station" special snacks, etc., made the "Little Sinotruck People" at the scene cheer and jump for joy. A series of interactive activities, such as "Vigorous Blooming" flash dance and "Gourmet Gas Station" snacks, made the "Little China National Heavy Duty Truck People" on the site cheer and forget.

According to the relevant person in charge of party work of China National Heavy Duty Truck, this China National Heavy Duty Truck Open Day activity has set up a total of 15 activity areas, and the scale of personnel and the content of the activity is the first time in history. The activity route starts from the Heavy Duty Truck Museum, passes through China National Heavy Duty Truck Park, and finally arrives at the Future Science and Technology Pavilion, which signifies that China National Heavy Duty Truck comes from the history, pushes through the wind and rain, and sings happily all the way, and sails to the bright future.



"Dad, so you are so great!" When seeing the majestic new generation of Yellow River heavy trucks, the child of Diao Tongwu, a labor model of China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC), gave him a thumbs-up, while Diao Tongwu, who heard these words, instantly burst into tears, "It's the first time I heard my child evaluating me in this way, and I feel that all the efforts are worthwhile."

In front of the old Yellow River, the father of Liu Zhentong, a model worker of China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC), fell into a deep thought, he told the reporter that he originally drove the Yellow River Heavy Duty Truck of CNHTC, and his child entered the work of CNHTC under his influence, "The child is better than me, and now he is a model worker."

The mother of Guo Dong, a young employee, said that the family is full of confidence in SINOTRUK, the child entered SINOTRUK in 2021, and has always been the pride of the family, and this time he came to SINOTRUK at a distance, to feel the child's work and struggle firsthand, "Child, do a good job! Our whole family supports you! We all support you and try our best to make China National Heavy Duty Truck more powerful.
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